Gold-plated Crystal Cylinder–gold Plating And Copper Plating

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At present, the packaging of the slab laser crystal module mainly adopts the low-temperature welding method of solder indium or gold-tin alloy. The crystal is assembled, and then the assembled lath laser crystal is put into a vacuum welding furnace to complete heating and welding.

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Small-sized slab laser crystal lasers can obtain high power and good beam quality by using this welding method, but for large-sized (≥100mm2) slab laser crystals, this traditional welding method is prone to large voids (≥ 1mm2), a large area of virtual soldering, and the solder distribution of the soldering layer is uneven. This is mainly due to the fact that the slab laser crystal is heated in a vacuum environment, the heat conduction rate is slow, and the heating and cooling process is slow, resulting in uneven heating of the slab laser crystal, and it is easy to cause part of the solder to melt first, part after melting, and part of the solder to melt first. Solidification, another part of the post-solidification phenomenon. Therefore, during the heating process of the slab laser crystal, the part of the solder that melts first completes the welding and flows, surrounding the unmelted part, which is easy to form problems such as voids, virtual soldering and uneven distribution of solder. In the process of cooling down, the edge of the slab laser crystal is often cooled first. Therefore, the solder on the edge solidifies first, and then cools the solidified middle part. The liquid phase turns into a solid phase and tends to shrink in volume, which is prone to voids and virtual soldering.
Our company can provide gold plating and copper plating services. Gold plating of crystal rods, gold plating of laths. The function is that the crystal can be firmly welded on the heat sink, and it can also dissipate heat thus improving the beam quality.

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