Er:Glass Laser Rangefinder XY-1535-04

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  • Airbore FCS(firecontrol systems)
  • Target tracking  systems and anti-aircraft systems
  • Multi-sensor platforms
  • In general for applications of position determination of moving objects

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    XY-1535-04 is a compact laser rangefinder for measuring distances of 4kilometers and more with an accuracy of better than 2 meters. Based on a diodepumped Er Glass laser,the XY-1535-04 provides fast pulse repetition rates of 10 Hz ,Working at an eyesafe wavelength of 1535 nm, it is eyesafe according to laser class 1m.
    The 4km 1535nm Er:Glass rangefinder has many advantages. First of all, its laser wavelength is 1535nm. This wavelength has small transmission loss in the atmosphere and can achieve long-distance and high-precision ranging. Secondly, the Er:Glass rangefinder has high accuracy and stability, can achieve accurate ranging under different environmental conditions, and is suitable for various application scenarios.
    In addition, the 4km ranging distance can meet most practical needs and has a wide range of application prospects, including surveying, geological exploration and other fields.

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