Er,Cr:YAG–2940nm Laser Medical System Rods

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  • Medical fields:including dental and skin treatments
  • Material processing
  • Lidar

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Er,Cr:YAG is an important solid-state laser material, consisting of yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) crystal doped with erbium (Er) and chromium (Cr) ions. Its development stems from the continuous exploration of laser technology and the growing demand.

The growth process of Er,Cr:YAG crystal usually adopts solid phase method or melting method. By controlling parameters such as temperature, pressure and crystal growth rate, high-quality Er,Cr:YAG crystal can be obtained. These processing processes require strict process control and equipment support to ensure that Er,Cr:YAG crystal products that meet the requirements are finally obtained.In laser processing, Er,Cr:YAG crystal can be processed by laser cutting, laser drilling and laser welding. These methods can take advantage of the laser absorption characteristics of Er,Cr:YAG crystals to achieve precise processing of materials and control of processing quality.

Compared with the traditional Er:YAG laser, the Er,Cr:YAG laser has a wider absorption bandwidth and a higher absorption cross-section, giving it a wider application prospect in laser technology. Er,Cr:YAG laser has important applications in the medical field, especially in dentistry and skin treatment.

In the dental field, Er,Cr:YAG laser can be used for tooth repair, tooth whitening, gum treatment, etc. Its efficient pulse energy can accurately remove tissue without damaging surrounding tissue.

In terms of skin treatment, Er,Cr:YAG laser can be used to remove pigmentation, treat scars and skin laxity, etc. Its longer wavelength can penetrate the surface layer of the skin and treat deep tissue.

In addition, Er,Cr:YAG laser can also be used in materials processing, lidar and other fields. Its high-energy pulse and longer wavelength give it unique advantages in these fields.

In general, Er,Cr:YAG laser has important application value in the medical and industrial fields. Its continuous development and optimization will further expand its application scope and bring more possibilities to human health and the development of science and technology. The development and application prospects of Er,Cr:YAG are exciting. It will continue to play an important role in the medical and industrial fields and bring more benefits to human society.



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