Er,YB:YAB-Er, Yb Co – Doped Phosphate Glass

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Er, Yb co-doped phosphate glass is a well-known and commonly used active medium for lasers emitting in the “eye-safe” 1,5-1,6um range. Long service life at 4 I 13/2 energy level. While Er, Yb co-doped yttrium aluminum borate (Er, Yb: YAB) crystals are commonly used Er, Yb: phosphate glass substitutes, can be used as “eye-safe” active medium lasers, in continuous wave and Higher average output power in pulse mode.

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(Er,Yb: phosphate glass) combines the long lifetime (~8 ms) of the laser level on 4 I 13/2 Er 3+ with the low (2-3 ms) of the 4 I 11/2 Er 3+ level Lifetime, can generate resonance F 5/2 excited state with Yb 3+ 2 . Fast nonradiative multiphonon relaxation from 4 I 11/2 to 4 I 13/2 due to interactions between Yb 3+ and Er 3+ ions excited at 2 F 5/2 and 4 I 11/2, respectively , this energy level greatly reduces the back energy transfer and up-conversion losses.
Er 3+ , Yb 3+ co-doped yttrium aluminum aluminate borate (Er,Yb:YAB) crystals are commonly used Er,Yb:phosphate glass alternatives and can be used as “eye-safe” active media ( 1,5 -1,6 μm) lasers with high average output power in CW and pulsed modes. It is characterized by high thermal conductivity of 7,7 Wm-1 K-1 and 6 Wm-1 K-1 along the a-axis and c-axis, respectively. Also has high efficiency Yb 3+→Er 3+ energy transfer (~94%) and weak upconversion loss attributed to the very short lifetime (~80 ns) of the 4 I 11/2 excited state due to the host's The maximum phonon energy is high (vmax ~1500 cm-1). A strong and broad absorption band (about 17 nm) was observed at 976 nm, consistent with the emission spectrum of an InGaAs laser diode.

Basic Properties

Crystal section  (1×1)-(10×10)mm2
Crystal thickness 0.5-5mm
Dimensional tolerance ±0.1mm
Wavefront distortion ≤λ /8@633nm
Finish 10/5 (MIL-PRF-13830B)
Flatness ≤λ /6@633nm
Parallelism better than 10 arc seconds

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