• 100uJ Erbium Glass Microlaser

    100uJ Erbium Glass Microlaser

    This laser is mainly used for cutting and marking non-metallic materials. Its wavelength range is wider and can cover the visible light range, so more kinds of materials can be processed, and the effect is more ideal.

  • 200uJ Erbium Glass Microlaser

    200uJ Erbium Glass Microlaser

    Erbium glass microlasers have important applications in laser communication. Erbium glass microlasers can generate laser light with a wavelength of 1.5 microns, which is the transmission window of optical fiber, so it has high transmission efficiency and transmission distance.

  • 300uJ Erbium Glass Microlaser

    300uJ Erbium Glass Microlaser

    Erbium glass micro lasers and semiconductor lasers are two different types of lasers, and the differences between them are mainly reflected in the working principle, application field and performance.

  • 2mJ Erbium Glass Microlaser

    2mJ Erbium Glass Microlaser

    With the development of Erbium glass laser,and it is an important type of micro laser right now , which has different application advantages in different fields.

  • 500uJ Erbium Glass Microlaser

    500uJ Erbium Glass Microlaser

    Erbium glass microlaser is a very important type of laser, and its development history has gone through several stages.

  • Erbium Glass Micro laser

    Erbium Glass Micro laser

    In recent years, with the gradual increase in the application demand for medium and long-distance eye-safe laser ranging equipment, higher requirements have been put forward for the indicators of bait glass lasers, especially the problem that the mass production of mJ-level high-energy products cannot be realized in China at present. ,waiting to be solved.