300uJ Erbium Glass Microlaser

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Erbium glass micro lasers and semiconductor lasers are two different types of lasers, and the differences between them are mainly reflected in the working principle, application field and performance.

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First of all, the working principle of the erbium glass microlaser is to use the stimulated radiation of the erbium element to emit light to produce laser light with a wavelength of 1.5 microns. Semiconductor lasers use the characteristics of semiconductor materials to release energy through the recombination of injected electrons and holes to generate laser output. Therefore, the working principles of the two lasers are very different. Erbium glass microlasers are more suitable for generating laser light with a wavelength of about 1.5 microns, while semiconductor lasers are suitable for more wavelength ranges.

Secondly, the application fields of erbium glass microlasers and semiconductor lasers are also very different. Erbium glass micro lasers are mainly used in laser communication, medical treatment, industrial material processing and other fields, while semiconductor lasers are more widely used in printing, cutting, lighting, sensors and other fields.

In addition, erbium glass microlasers can produce higher power laser output, while semiconductor lasers are easier to integrate and manufacture. Finally, the performance of erbium glass microlasers and semiconductor lasers is also different. Erbium glass micro lasers have better beam quality, higher output power and better stability, but cannot be frequently modulated and switched. While semiconductor lasers have excellent modulation performance and fast switching capability, but the output beam quality is poor, requiring further adjustment or optimization.

In conclusion, erbium glass microlasers and semiconductor lasers are designed according to different working principles, application fields and performance requirements. When selecting a laser, it is necessary to comprehensively consider specific application requirements and technical constraints.If you need or wanna to realize this kind of microlaser, please contact me directly in no doubt.


We can customize all kinds,including laser marking on the shell .If you need ,please contact us as soon as possible!

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