100uJ Erbium Glass Microlaser

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This laser is mainly used for cutting and marking non-metallic materials. Its wavelength range is wider and can cover the visible light range, so more kinds of materials can be processed, and the effect is more ideal.

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In addition, erbium glass microlasers can also be used for microfabrication, and have good application prospects. Erbium glass microlasers have a wide range of applications in materials processing. It can be used for cutting and marking non-metallic materials such as wood, plastic, ceramics, glass, etc., especially has great application potential in handmade products, art carving, etc. Compared with traditional lasers, erbium glass micro lasers are finer, have smoother cutting edges, and have the characteristics of low noise, low vibration and high efficiency.

This enables it to meet more stringent processing requirements and greatly improves the quality of material processing. At the same time, the micro-processing capability of erbium glass micro-lasers is also an important application in material processing. Its special laser wavelength and composition can realize processing at the micron level, and can process micro-structures of different shapes, such as micro-tubes, small holes, micro-grooves and so on. This has a wide range of applications in the manufacture of micromechanical components, the manufacture of microfluidic chips and other nanotechnology fields.

The following are specific applications of erbium glass microlasers in environmental detection:
1.Atmospheric environment detection Erbium glass micro lasers can measure VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and organic compounds similar to VOCs in the atmosphere, such as benzene series, ketones, aldehydes, alcohols, etc. These organics are a significant contributor to air pollution, climate change and health problems. Erbium glass microlasers are able to detect the faint signals of these organics and pinpoint their source and concentration.

2.Soil and water testing Erbium glass microlasers can also be used for the detection of organic and inorganic compounds in soil and water. It can determine pollutants, such as heavy metals, nutrients in soil and water subject to various organic pollutants, pesticides and chemical fertilizers, etc., and accurately detect the concentration and distribution of pollutants, helping people better understand and manage Environmental Pollution.


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