Er:Glass — Pumped With 1535 Nm Laser Diodes

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Erbium and ytterbium co-doped phosphate glass has a broad application because of the excellent properties. Mostly, it is the best glass material for 1.54μm laser due to its eye safe wavelength of 1540 nm and high transmission through atmosphere.

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It's also suitable for medical applications where the need for eye protection may be difficult to manage or diminish or hinder essential visual observation. Recently it is used in optical fiber communication instead of EDFA for its more super plus. There is a great progress in this field.
EAT14 is Erbium Glass doped with Er 3+ and Yb 3+ and suited to applications involving high repetition rates (1 - 6 Hz) and being pumped with 1535 nm laser diodes. This glass is available with high levels of Erbium (up to 1.7%).
Cr14 is Erbium Glass doped with Er 3+, Yb 3+ and Cr 3+ and suited to applications involving xenon lamp pumping. This glass is often used in laser range finder (LRF) applications.
We also have different color of Er:glass,such as purple,green,and so on .You can customized all the shape of it.Give me the specific parameters or the drawings is better for our engineer to judge.

Basic Properties

Basic Properties Units EAT14 CR14
Transformation Temperature ºC 556 455
Softening Temperature ºC 605 493
Coeff. of Linear ThermalExpansion (20~100ºC) 10‾⁷/ºC 87 103
Thermal Conductivity (@ 25ºC) W/m. ºK 0.7 0.7
Chemical Durability (@100ºC weigh loss rate distilled water) ug/hr.cm2 52 103
Density g/cm2 3.06 3.1
Laser Wavelength Peak nm 1535 1535
Cross-section for StimulatedEmission 10‾²º cm² 0.8 0.8
Fluorescent Lifetime ms 7.7-8.0 7.7-8.0
Refractive Index (nD) @ 589 nm 1.532 1.539
Refractive Index (n) @ 1535 nm 1.524 1.53
dn/dT (20~100ºC)  10‾⁶/ºC -1.72 -5.2
Thermal Coeff. of Optical PathLength (20~100ºC) 10‾⁷/ºC 29 3.6

Standard Doping

Variants Er 3+ Yb 3+ Cr 3+
Er:Yb:Cr:Glass 0.16x10^20/cm3 12.3x10^20/cm3 0.129x10^20/cm3
Er:Yb:Cr:Glass 1.27x10^19/cm3 1.48x10^21/cm3 1.22x10^19/cm3
Er:Yb:Cr:Glass 4x10^18/cm3 1.2x10^19/cm3 4x10^18/cm3
Er:Yb:Glass 1.3x10^20/cm3 10x10^20/cm3

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