CaF2 Windows–light Transmission Performance From Ultraviolet 135nm~9um

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Calcium fluoride has a wide range of uses. From the perspective of optical performance, it has very good light transmission performance from ultraviolet 135nm~9um.

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With the progress of science and technology, the application prospect is more and more broad. Calcium fluoride has high transmittance in a wide wavelength range (135nm to 9.4μm), and is an ideal window for excimer lasers with very short wavelengths. The crystal has a very high index of refraction (1.40), so no AR coating is required. Calcium fluoride is slightly soluble in water. It has high transmittance from the far ultraviolet region to the far infrared region, and is suitable for excimer lasers. It can be processed without coating or coating.Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) Windows is a parallel plane plate, usually used as a protective window for electronic sensors or detectors of the external environment. When selecting a window, attention should be paid to the window material, transmittance, transmission band, surface shape, smoothness, parallelism and other parameters.

An IR-UV Window is a window designed for use in the infrared or ultraviolet spectrum. Windows are designed to prevent saturation or photodamage of electronic sensors, detectors, or other sensitive optical components. The calcium fluoride material has a wide transmission spectrum range (180nm-8.0μm). It has the characteristics of high damage threshold, low fluorescence, high uniformity, etc., its physical properties are relatively soft, and its surface is easy to scratch. It is often used in the collimation of lasers, and is often used as the substrate of various optical components, such as lenses, Windows etc.

Application fields

It is used in the three major industries of excimer laser and metallurgy, chemical industry and building materials, followed by light industry, optics, engraving and national defense industry.


● Material: CaF2 (calcium fluoride)
● Shape tolerance: +0.0/-0.1mm
● Thickness tolerance: ±0.1mm
● Surface type: λ/4@632.8nm
● Parallelism: <1'
● Smoothness: 80-50
● Effective aperture: >90%
● Chamfering edge: <0.2×45°
● Coating: Custom Design

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