Wedge Prisms Are Optical Prisms With Inclined Surfaces

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Wedge prisms (also known as wedge prisms) are optical prisms with inclined surfaces, which are mainly used in the optical field for beam control and offset. The inclination angles of the two sides of the wedge prism are relatively small.

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It can deflect the light path to the thicker side. If only one wedge prism is used, the incident light path can be offset by a certain angle. When two wedge prisms are used in combination, they can be used as an anamorphic prism, mainly used to correct the laser beam.In the optical field, the wedge prism is an ideal optical path adjustment device. Two rotatable prisms can adjust the direction of the outgoing beam within a certain range (10°).
Applied to optical systems such as infrared imaging or monitoring, telemetry or infrared spectroscope
Our high energy laser windows are designed to eliminate losses in vacuum battery applications and can be used as vacuum windows, convection barriers or interferometer compensator plates.


Optical glass, H-K9L(N-BK7)H-K9L(N-BK7), UV fused silica (JGS1, Corning 7980), infrared fused silica (JGS3, Corning 7978) and calcium fluoride (CaF2), fluorine Magnesium (MgF2), barium fluoride (BaF2), zinc selenide (ZnSe), germanium (Ge), silicon (Si) and other crystal materials


● Damage resistance up to 10 J/cm2
● UV fused silica with excellent thermal stability
● Low wavefront distortion
● High temperature resistant coating
● Diameter 25.4 and 50.8 mm

Dimensions 4mm — 60mm
Angle deviation 30 seconds - 3 minutes
Surface accuracy λ/10—1λ
Surface Quality 60/40
Effective Caliber 90% Primary
Coating Coating can be carried out according to customer needs.

According to user needs, we can design and process all kinds of rectangular prisms, equilateral prisms, DOVE prisms, penta prisms, roof prisms, dispersion prisms, beam splitting prisms and other prisms with different base material.

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