Si Windows–low Density ( Its Density Is Half That Of Germanium Material )

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Silicon windows can be divided into two types: coated and uncoated, and processed according to customer requirements. It is suitable for near-infrared bands in the 1.2-8μm region. Because silicon material has the characteristics of low density (its density is half that of germanium material or zinc selenide material), it is especially suitable for some occasions that are sensitive to weight requirements, especially in the 3-5um band. Silicon has a Knoop hardness of 1150, which is harder than germanium and less brittle than germanium. However, due to its strong absorption band at 9um, it is not suitable for CO2 laser transmission applications.

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Light is easily dispersed at grain boundaries in polycrystalline materials, so optical applications require high-purity single-crystal silicon substrates. The transformation of raw silicon into high-purity single-crystal substrates begins with mining and reducing silica in high-temperature furnaces. Manufacturers further refine and synthesize 97% pure polysilicon to remove any other impurities, and the purity can reach 99.999% or better.
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Silicon (Si) single crystal is a chemically inert material with high hardness and insoluble in water. It has good light transmission performance in the 1-7μm band, and it also has good light transmission in the far infrared band 300-300μm Performance, which is a feature that other optical infrared materials do not have. Silicon (Si) single crystal is usually used as the substrate of 3-5μm mid-wave infrared optical window and optical filter. Due to the good thermal conductivity and low density of this material, it is also the best choice for making laser mirrors or infrared temperature measurement and infrared optical lenses. Commonly used materials, the product can be coated or uncoated.


● Material: Si (silicon)
● Shape tolerance: +0.0/-0.1mm
● Thickness tolerance: ±0.1mm
● Surface type: λ/4@632.8nm
● Parallelism: <1'
● Finish: 60-40
● Effective aperture: >90%
● Chamfering edge: <0.2×45°
● Coating: Custom Design

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