Ze Windows–as Long-wave Pass Filters

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The wide light transmission range of germanium material and the light opacity in the visible light band can also be used as long-wave pass filters for waves with wavelengths greater than 2 µm. In addition, germanium is inert to air, water, alkalis and many acids. The light-transmitting properties of germanium are extremely sensitive to temperature; in fact, germanium becomes so absorbing at 100 °C that it is almost opaque, and at 200 °C it is completely opaque.

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The refractive index of germanium material is very high (about 4.0 in the 2-14μm band). When used as window glass, it can be coated according to needs to improve the transmittance of the corresponding band. Moreover, the transmission properties of germanium are extremely sensitive to temperature changes (the transmittance decreases with the increase of temperature). Therefore, they can only be used below 100 °C. The density of germanium (5.33 g/cm3) should be considered in designing systems with strict weight requirements. Germanium windows have a wide transmission range (2-16μm) and are opaque in the visible spectral range, making them particularly suitable for infrared laser applications. Germanium has a Knoop hardness of 780, about twice the hardness of magnesium fluoride, which makes it more suitable for applications in the IR field of changing optics.
Application: Germanium lenses are mainly used in infrared thermometers, infrared thermal imagers, Co2 lasers and other equipment. Our advantages: Jiite produces germanium lenses, using optical grade single crystal germanium as the base material, using new polishing technology to process, the surface has very high surface precision, and the two sides of the germanium lens will be coated with 8-14μm anti-reflection coating , can reduce the reflectivity of the substrate, and the transmittance of the anti-reflection coating in the working band reaches more than 95● Material: Ge (germanium)


● Material: Ge (germanium)
● Shape tolerance: +0.0/-0.1mm
● Thickness tolerance: ±0.1mm
● Surface type: λ/4@632.8nm
● Parallelism: <1'
● Finish: 60-40
● Effective aperture: >90%
● Chamfering edge: <0.2×45°
● Coating: Custom Design

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