BBO Crystal – Beta Barium Borate Crystal

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BBO crystal in nonlinear optical crystal, is a kind of comprehensive advantage obvious, good crystal, it has a very wide light range, very low absorption coefficient, weak piezoelectric ringing effect, relative to other electrolight modulation crystal, has higher extinction ratio, larger matching Angle, high light damage threshold, broadband temperature matching and excellent optical uniformity, is beneficial to improve the laser output power stability, especially for Nd: YAG laser three times frequency has a widely application.

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(1). For the double, triple, quadruple and fifth frequency of 1064 nm Nd: YAG laser.
(2). Double frequency, triple frequency, sum frequency and difference frequency of dye laser and titanium gem laser.
(3). For optical parametric oscillation, amplifier, etc.


1. Phase matching band range (409.6-3500nm)
2. Wide band range (190-3500nm)
3. High frequency conversion efficiency (equivalent to 6 times of KDP crystal)
4. Good optical uniformity (δ n 10-6 / cm)
5. High damage threshold (1064nm10GW / cm2 of 100ps pulse width)
6. Temperature reception angle width (about 55℃)

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