LBO With High Nonlinear Coupling And High Damage Threshold

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LBO crystal is a nonlinear crystal material with excellent quality, which is widely used in the research and application fields of all-solid state laser, electro-optic, medicine and so on. Meanwhile, large-size LBO crystal has a wide application prospect in the inverter of laser isotope separation, laser controlled polymerization system and other fields.

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The growth of functional crystals and related nonlinear optical crystals in China occupies the leading position in the world. In addition to the defects such as collapse, depression, and fracture prone to hard and brittle function crystals, LBO crystals may also have the embedding or adsorption defects of hard particles. The application of LBO crystal requires that the single crystal surface is super smooth, with no defects and no damage. The processing quality and accuracy of LBO crystal directly affect the performance of its devices. When the crystal surface has minor defects such as pits, microcracks, plastic deformation, lattice defects, particle embedding or adsorption. Laser irradiation will cause scattering to affect the quality of laser, or inheritance to the epitaxial growth film leads to the failure of the film, become a fatal defect of the device. At present, the processing technology of LBO crystal is complex, with high processing cost, low processing efficiency, and the surface quality after processing is not good. It is urgent to improve the ultra-precision processing efficiency and accuracy and large-scale industrial production. Grinding and polishing is an important means to realize the high precision and high efficiency and ultra-precision processing of LBO crystal.


1.Wide light transmittance band range (160- -2600nm)
2.Good optical uniformity (δ n 10-6 / cm), less internal envelope
3.High frequency conversion efficiency (equivalent to 3 times that of KDP crystal) 4.High damage domain value (1053nm laser up to 10GW / cm2)
5.Reception angle wide, discrete angle small
6.I, class II noncritical phase matching (NCPM) band range wide
7.Spectrum non-critical phase matching (NCPM) close to 1300nm

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