The Development and Applications of Laser Crystal

Laser crystals and their components are the main basic materials for the optoelectronics industry. It is also the key component of solid-state lasers to generate laser light. In view of the advantages of good optical uniformity, good mechanical properties, high physical and chemical stability, and good thermal conductivity, laser crystals are still popular materials for solid-state lasers. Therefore, it is widely used in industrial, medical, scientific research, communication and military industries. Such as laser ranging, laser target indication, laser detection, laser marking, laser cutting processing (including cutting, drilling, welding and engraving, etc.), laser medical treatment, and laser beauty, etc.

Laser refers to the use of most of the particles in the working material in the excited state, and the use of external light induction to make all the particles in the excited state complete the stimulated radiation at the same time, producing a powerful beam. Lasers have very good directionality, monochromaticity and coherence, and in view of these characteristics, it is widely used in all aspects of society.

The laser crystal consists of two parts, one is the activated ion as the "luminescence center", and the other is the host crystal as the "carrier" of the activated ion. More important among the host crystals are the oxide crystals. These crystals have unique advantages such as high melting point, high hardness and good thermal conductivity. Among them, ruby and YAG are widely used, because their lattice defects can absorb visible light in a certain spectral range to exhibit a certain color, thereby realizing tunable laser oscillation.

In addition to traditional crystal lasers, laser crystals are also developing in two directions: ultra-large and ultra-small. Ultra-large crystal lasers are mainly used in laser nuclear fusion, laser isotope separation, laser cutting and other industries. Ultra-small crystal lasers mainly refer to semiconductor lasers. It has the advantages of high pumping efficiency, small thermal load of the crystal, stable laser output, long life, and small size of the laser, so it has a huge development prospect in specific applications.


Post time: Dec-07-2022