A material with a high thermal conductivity –CVD

76867a0ee26dd7f9590dcba7c9efdd6CVD is the material with the highest thermal conductivity among known natural substances. The thermal conductivity of CVD diamond material is as high as 2200W/mK, which is 5 times that of copper. It is a heat dissipation material with ultra-high thermal conductivity. The ultra-high thermal conductivity of CVD diamond It can effectively dissipate the heat generated by the device and is the best thermal management material for high heat flux density devices.
The application of third-generation semiconductor power devices in high-voltage and high-frequency fields has gradually become the focus of the development of the global semiconductor industry. GaN devices are widely used in high-frequency and high-power fields such as 5G communications and radar detection. With the increase in device power density and miniaturization, the self-heating effect in the active area of the device chip increases rapidly, causing the carrier mobility to decrease and the device The static 1-V characteristics are attenuated, various performance indicators deteriorate rapidly, and the reliability and stability of the device are seriously challenged. The near-junction integration of ultra-high thermal conductivity CVD diamond and GaN chips can effectively dissipate the heat generated by the device, improve the reliability and service life of the device, and realize compact electronic systems.
CVD diamond with ultra-high thermal conductivity is the best heat dissipation material for high-power, high-performance, miniaturized and highly integrated electronic components. It is widely used in 5G communications, national defense, aerospace, transportation and other fields. Typical application cases and performance advantages of diamond ultra-high thermal conductivity materials:
1. Radar GaN RF device heat dissipation; (high power, high frequency, miniaturization)
2. Semiconductor laser heat dissipation; (high output power, high electro-optical conversion efficiency)
3. High-frequency communication base station heat dissipation; (high power, high frequency)

Post time: Oct-10-2023